ICAOS Weekly Update Newsletter
Updates for May 25–31, 2019
No. 550

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+ State-Requested Travel Restrictions +

In the Spirit of the Compact, please contact the receiving state directly if you have an offender requesting to transfer to an area listed below. / Check for the latest updates online.

Hawaii flagNEW: Hawaii - June 1–August 31: Requests travel restriction to the island of Hawaii from the beginning of June to the end of August. Please contact the Hawaii Interstate Compact Office for more information. This request may be extended.

New Hampshire flagNEW: New Hampshire - June 8–16: Please restrict all offender travel to the Lakes Region and Concord areas during the 2019 Laconia Motorcycle Week.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - June 21–23: Please restrict offender travel to the Rodeo on Wheels in Ruidoso Downs.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - July 26–28: Please restrict offender travel to the Las Vegas Rough Riders Motorcycle Rally in Las Vegas, NM.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - August 29–September 1: Please restrict offender travel to the Hawgfest – The New Ride rally in Carlsbad.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - September 18–22: Please restrict offender travel to the 50th Annual Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally in Ruidoso Downs.

Interstate Compact Office Staff, submit a travel restriction request.

+ State Updates +

Hawaii flag+ Hawaii - Please restrict offender travel to the island of Hawaii from the beginning of June to the end of August. Please contact the Hawaii Interstate Compact Office for more information. This request may be extended.

Mississippi flag+ Mississippi - An $88/month supervision fee as been added for those individuals needing electronic monitoring.

+ All personnel changes are updated on the individual state pages and in the Interstate Compact Office Directory PDF.

+ Compact Office Calendar - Please be aware of upcoming closures, shortened hours of operation, or the possibility of limited staff due to inclement weather, trainings, and state/national holidays.

+ Committee and Region Updates +

+ The Compliance Committee recently approved minutes from their February meeting. The committee covered these topics:
  • Reviewed Illinois’ Compliance Dashboard
  • Made edits to the Compliance Sanctioning Guidelines
  • Added a template for filing a complaint to Administrative Policy 03-2008 Guidelines for Resolving Compliance Issues
  • Approved changes to Administrative Policy 05-2009 Compliance Audit Policy
  • Approved committee goals
  • Reviewed the ICAOS Audit Plan

+ During their meeting last week, the Technology Committee approved minutes from their December meeting, which cover these topics:
  • BJA grant application
  • ICOTS enhancement policy
  • Victim notification subscription on a state-by-state basis
  • FY19 ICOTS enhancements
  • White Paper on ICOTS Documents in Legal Proceedings
  • Committee goals

+ Upcoming Committee and Region Meetings:
+ Executive Committee
D/T: 06.19.19 / 12:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Commission Announcements & Reminders +

+ Supervision Fees - Mississippi now has an $88/month electronic monitoring supervision fee.

Reminder: The Commission’s Executive Committee approved 1 new and 2 revised Advisory Opinions.
  • New: Advisory Opinion 1-2019 / Description: When offenders located in receiving states abscond and are later apprehended in the jurisdiction of the receiving state, is the closed case required to be reopened in ICOTS?

  • Revised: Advisory Opinion 3-2010 / Description: Whether a California statute that classifies certain eligible California offenders as not subject to active supervision or revocation of parole excludes such offenders from the jurisdiction of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

  • Revised: Advisory Opinion 4-2010 / Description: The effect on Compact supervision cases of a Washington statute providing that the Department of Corrections is not authorized to supervise certain offenders sentenced to a term of community custody, community placement, or community supervision.

Reminder: 2019 ICAOS Rules Proposals - Commission Members: Pursuant to ICAOS Rule 2.109, the Rules Committee has reviewed the draft proposals received from standing and regional committees for action at the 2019 Annual Business Meeting. These proposals are now posted on the ICAOS website. Be sure to review the instructions to view and make comments. For your convenience, you may also download the 12 proposals as an easy-to-share PDF file.

Review the proposals and discuss them within your offices, at state council meetings, and in your ICAOS regional meetings. Commenting ends on Monday, July 1. Your comments provide valuable guidance to the Rules Committee and members of the Commission.

Reminder: The ICAOS Rules:

+ This Week in Commission History +

+ The following members signed into law the ICAOS on this date:

South Carolina flagSouth Carolina – May 28, 2002 / 31st member to join

Arizona flagArizona – May 30, 2002 / 32nd member to join



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