ICAOS Weekly Update Newsletter
Updates for June 30–July 6, 2018
No: 506

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+ State-Requested Travel Restrictions +

In the Spirit of the Compact, please contact the receiving state directly if you have an offender requesting to transfer to an area listed below. / Check for the latest updates online.
Hawaii flag+ Hawaii - June 7–?: Due to the active Kilauea Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and rapid evacuations, please restrict offender travel to the island of Hawai’i until further notice.

Georgia flag+ Georgia - June 30–July 7: We are requesting that states restrict offender travel permits to Georgia (with the exception of emergencies) during this period due to the National Rainbow Family Gathering 2018. The Rainbow Family has governed Gatherings of up to 30,000 people. Regional Rainbow gatherings can attract as many as 5,000. The national gathering occurs around July 1-7, but people come up to a month earlier to help set up (this is known as “Seed Camp”) and remain on site up to a month later to cleanup and perform site restoration.

Pennsylvania flag+ Pennsylvania - July 18–22: Please restrict offender travel to the Erie, PA area during the annual Roar on the Shore Bike Rally.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - July 26–29: Please restrict offender travel to the Las Vegas, NM area for the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally.

South Dakota flag+ South Dakota - August 3–12: Please restrict offender travel to the Black Hills area including cities of Sturgis, Lead, Deadwood, Spearfish, Rapid City, Wall, Kadoka, Belle Fourche, Hot Springs, Custer, Hill City, Edgemont, Newell, and all campgrounds in the Black Hills area during the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - September 12–16: Please restrict offender travel to the Mescalero area for the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally.

Interstate Compact Office Staff may submit travel restriction requests here.

+ State Updates +

Colorado flag + Colorado - Bifurcated services began on July 1. Last week we highlighted the changes to Probation IC. This week we’re covering updates to Parole IC. Here is the current Parole IC line-up:
  • Mailing address:
    Division of Adult Parole
    Interstate Compact Unit
    940 Broadway
    Denver, CO 80203

  • DCA Parole:
    Andrew Zavaras / t: 303-763-2403

  • Parole ICOTS Administrator:
    Matthew Ward / t: 303-763-2457

  • Parole Offenders: A–L:
    Arlene Wilson / t: 303-763-2445

  • Parole Offenders: M–Z:
    Mary Franklin / t: 303-763-2446

Please also note that Lois Helker, Program Assistant I, retired June 29 after serving the Colorado Interstate Compact for over 18 years.

Kentucky flag + Kentucky - By unanimous vote of the State Council, Johnathan Hall, Director of Probation & Parole, was elected as the new Commissioner / Compact Administrator for the Bluegrass state. Minutes from the June 26 State Council meeting are available online.

Nebraska flag + Nebraska - The Parole Interstate Compact Office has 3 new staff members and a new mailing address.
  • Mailing address:
    Nebraska Board of Parole
    Division of Parole Supervision
    421 S 9th, Ste. 220
    Heritage Square Building, Box 25
    Lincoln, NE 68508

  • Interstate Compact Cases: All Outgoing / Administrative Assistant III:
    Kathy Hohnstein / t: 402-479-5720

  • Interstate Compact Office Assistance / Parole Officer / DCA Parole Backup:
    Blair Hofeldt / t: 402-309-0080

  • Parole Compact Secretary:
    Sharon Wilkens / t: 402-479-5727

New York flag + New York - State Council minutes from their May 17 meeting, in which in-depth discussions were had regarding ICOTS quarterly audits, IVINS, the examining of the ICAOS definition and rules on sex offenders, and “lifetime supervision”, are now available.

+ All personnel changes are updated on the individual state pages and in the Interstate Compact Office Directory PDF.

+ Compact Office Calendar - Please be aware of closures, shortened hours of operation, or the possibility of limited staff due to inclement weather, trainings, and state and national holidays.

+ Committee and Region Updates +

+ Upcoming Committee and Region Meetings:
+ Executive Committee
D/T: 07.10.18 / 1:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Compliance Committee
D/T: 07.18.18 / 11:00am ET
Resources: Agenda

+ South Region
D/T: 07.19.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ West Region
D/T: 07.24.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Technology Committee
D/T: 07.25.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Commission Announcements & Reminders +

ICOTS logo + ICOTS - The 8th, and final, ICOTS enhancement release of FY 2018 was recently launched. One enhancement adds completely new functionality to ICOTS while the other provides an improved user experience. In brief:

  • Create a more system-driven process for subsequent state transfers—Currently, the process for subsequent state transfers consists only of triggering a specialized compact action request (CAR).
  • Encourage case withdrawal or re-submission for rejected transfer requests—Currently, the sending state PO has to remember to withdraw their compact case, yet often fails to do so.
Details of each of the 2 new enhancements can be found in this ICOTS Knowledge Base article.

Reminder - Have you checked out all 3 of the June Spirit of the Compact postings?

Reminder - Put your knowledge of ICAOS rules to the test and see if you can achieve top score. Answer 20 questions covering eligibility, the transfer process, supervision, and retaking/closing supervision. Participation is anonymous and results are not recorded.

Reminder - Who are you going to call when you have basic ICOTS questions? Need help figuring out why your browser is not displaying an ICOTS Report correctly? Need to know what online training to take so you can get an ICOTS account? For these questions, and more, contact your state’s ICOTS Administrator when you:
  • Have questions about ICOTS functionality
  • Have issues logging in to your ICOTS account
  • Need your ICOTS account password reset
  • Want to know the training requirements for ICOTS users
  • Want to report a possible ICOTS issue
  • Need technical support for browser compatibility issues with ICOTS and the ICOTS Reports Dashboard
  • Need ICOTS data entry errors corrected
Find contact information for your state ICOTS Administrator.

Reminder - The 2018 ICAOS Rules:
+ This Week in Commission History +

+ The following states signed into law the ICAOS on these dates:
  • Delaware – June 30, 2003 / 46th member to join
  • New York – July 1, 2003 / 47th member to join
  • Oregon – July 3, 2001 / 23rd member to join

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