ICAOS Weekly Update Newsletter
Updates for July 7–13, 2018
No: 507

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+ State-Requested Travel Restrictions +

In the Spirit of the Compact, please contact the receiving state directly if you have an offender requesting to transfer to an area listed below. / Check for the latest updates online.
Hawaii flag+ Hawaii - Due to the active Kilauea Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and rapid evacuations, please restrict offender travel to the island of Hawai’i until further notice.

Pennsylvania flag+ Pennsylvania - July 18–22: Please restrict offender travel to the Erie, PA area during the annual Roar on the Shore Bike Rally.

Wyoming flagNEW Wyoming - July 20–29: Please do not allow offenders to proceed to, or through, southeastern Wyoming to include the cities of Cheyenne, Laramie, Wheatland, and Torrington to attend Cheyenne Frontier Days.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - July 26–29: Please restrict offender travel to the Las Vegas, NM area for the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally.

South Dakota flag+ South Dakota - August 3–12: Please restrict offender travel to the Black Hills area including cities of Sturgis, Lead, Deadwood, Spearfish, Rapid City, Wall, Kadoka, Belle Fourche, Hot Springs, Custer, Hill City, Edgemont, Newell, and all campgrounds in the Black Hills area during the 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Wyoming flagNEW Wyoming - August 3–12: Please restrict offenders’ travel to, or through, Wyoming to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - September 12–16: Please restrict offender travel to the Mescalero area for the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally.

Interstate Compact Office Staff may submit travel restriction requests here.

+ State Updates +

Louisiana flag + Louisiana - The last day working in the Interstate Compact Office for Mandy Monistere, Investigative Specialist, is Friday, July 13.

Texas flag + Texas - On Monday, July 9, Governor Greg Abbott appointed Brodie V. “Brody” Burks as Commissioner, replacing Elizabeth “Libby” Elliott.

Wyoming flag + Wyoming - Travel restriction requests have been posted for Cheyenne Frontier Days, July 2029 and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, August 3–12.

+ All personnel changes are updated on the individual state pages and in the Interstate Compact Office Directory PDF.

+ Compact Office Calendar - Please be aware of closures, shortened hours of operation, or the possibility of limited staff due to inclement weather, trainings, and state/national holidays.

+ Committee and Region Updates +

+ Executive Committee - The committee met on Tuesday, July 10 and covered their agenda items. Some highlights reported included:
  • DCA Liaison Committee will produce a quarterly newsletter, beginning in the 3rd quarter
  • Compliance Committee will review a complaint at it’s July meeting
  • All 8 ICOTS enhancements for FY 2018 have been launched
  • The Commission is so far 10% under budget for FY2018
  • With the recent appointment in Alabama, all 53 compacting member states/territories have an Interstate Commissioner
  • The Bench Book is being reviewed and plans are underway for a Bench Book app
+ DCA Liaison Committee - The rejuvenated committee met at long last on June 28 and quickly got down to the business of their new goals of 1) Identify issues or concerns affecting DCAs and support effective discussion/action to find resolution; 2) Identify issues of relevance for referral to standing committees. Highlights from the 80-minute long meeting included:
  • Plans and contributor assignments for a quarterly DCA newsletter, the first issue coming in September
  • A call for recommendations on new rule amendments and ICOTS enhancements
  • The collection of difficult compact case examples, progress reports, and violation reports for the DCA Training Institute presentations
  • A suggestion to link relevant training PPTs to the step-by-step rules pages on the website
  • DCA Mentor Program has had 4 recent enrollees, 2 more states are interested in the program
  • Several members of the committee met with the Training Committee chair to discuss having “retaking issues when pending charges are present” be a discussion topic at the DCA Training Institute
  • A discussion on the offender’s address on the ICOTS application
  • Approval of minutes from the April 2017 meeting
+ Technology Committee - Minutes from the March and 2 May meetings are now available for download. Key dicussion themes include IVINS, ICOTS enhancements, and ICOTS service notifications.

+ Upcoming Committee and Region Meetings:
+ Compliance Committee
D/T: 07.18.18 / 11:00am ET
Resources: Agenda

+ South Region
D/T: 07.19.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ West Region
D/T: 07.24.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Technology Committee
D/T: 07.25.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Rules Committee
D/T: 08.08.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Training Committee
D/T: 08.09.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Executive Committee
D/T: 08.14.18 / 1:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ DCA Liaison Committee
D/T: 08.16.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Commission Announcements & Reminders +

+ Annual Business Meeting - Pack your bags, registration for the Annual Business Meeting is now open. The 17th annual gathering of Commission members and esteemed speakers and guests takes place October 1–3 in Orlando at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort. Opening the ABM will be the DCA Training Institute. Check out the full agenda.

ICOTS logo Reminder - The 8th, and final, ICOTS enhancement release of FY 2018 was recently launched. One enhancement adds completely new functionality to ICOTS while the other provides an improved user experience. In brief:

  • Create a more system-driven process for subsequent state transfers—Currently, the process for subsequent state transfers consists only of triggering a specialized compact action request (CAR).
  • Encourage case withdrawal or re-submission for rejected transfer requests—Currently, the sending state PO has to remember to withdraw their compact case, yet often fails to do so.
Details of each of the 2 new enhancements can be found in this ICOTS Knowledge Base article.

Reminder - Have you checked out all 3 of the June Spirit of the Compact postings?

Reminder - Put your knowledge of ICAOS rules to the test and see if you can achieve top score. Answer 20 questions covering eligibility, the transfer process, supervision, and retaking/closing supervision. Participation is anonymous and results are not recorded.

Reminder - Who are you going to call when you have basic ICOTS questions? Need help figuring out why your browser is not displaying an ICOTS Report correctly? Need to know what online training to take so you can get a state-issued ICOTS account? For these questions, and more, contact your state’s ICOTS Administrator.

Reminder - The 2018 ICAOS Rules:
+ Did you know...? +

+ The shortest Annual Business Meeting minutes consists of just 8 pages and record 2 days of meetings (from the inaugural Scottsdale, AZ event in 2002) while the lengthiest minutes, a whopping 52 pages, were recorded at the 2015 ABM in Portland.

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