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Nebraska Parole Returns Transportation Affected

Effective Date 3/25/2020

Adopting Authority Nebraska Board of Parole

Operations Affected Management of transportation for returns is being addressed on a case-by-case basis.


Effective 3-25-2020 management of transportation for returns is being addressed on a case-by-case basis per authority of the Nebraska Board of Parole.  This will affect the operations of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Special Services Unit whose responsibility it is to provide transport for the Division of Parole Supervision within the Nebraska Board of Parole Agency as it pertains to retaking of Nebraska clients from other states under the Interstate Compact.  This remains in effect until 4-1-2020 at which time Nebraska’s Parole restrictions will be reviewed to determine if the timeframe needs to be extended.

Contact Information

For further questions, contact the Deputy Compact Administrator at 402-479-5768 or via email

Earlier Update

Due to COVID-19, the Nebraska Division of Parole Supervision moved to a telecommuting status effective today, 3-16-2020, until further notice which includes the Nebraska Parole Compact Office.  Face-to-face meetings with clients are approved for meeting remotely preferably through Skype or phone.  The Compact Office remains operational on a remote basis.  The contact number to reach the Deputy Compact Administrator is 402-479-5768 or via email  This will be assessed on a weekly basis.
Nebraska respectfully requests no new Transfer Requests be submitted effective 3-16-2020 until 4-1-2020; the Nebraska Parole Compact Office will likewise not submit any Transfer Requests to other states during this time.  Requests for Reporting Instructions for an offender to return to Nebraska will be processed according to Compact Rules.  

Nebraska Probation has no restrictions at this time. 

Nebraska is restricting leisure travel to and from Nebraska effective 3-16-2020 until 4-1-2020.  Emergency and employment travel permits will be allowed.  Offenders who have already been approved to have parole transferred to Nebraska will be allowed to proceed to Nebraska for supervision.  Management of transportation for returns is not currently impacted.