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Miriam Rabieh-Discharge Planner / New Mexico - July 31, 2020

Miriam Rabieh is a discharge planner for Sandoval County Detention Center. Although this is her day to day duties Ms. Rabieh continued to stay in contact with New Mexico Interstate Compact office and provide information on this offenders  status as he moved though his pretrial status in NM to his return to CO. Ms. Rabieh does not work for NM Corrections Department but her diligence to her client ensured the offender was getting into  treatment he needed upon release but continued to advise the New Mexico ISC office of the status of his availability,   was going above and beyond what discharge planners do. It is amazing what happens with collaboration and communication with outside community members to ensure the safety of the community and rehabilitation of offenders.  

Submitted by: Compact Administrator Roberta Cohen / New Mexico