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Brandon Watts / Texas / August 24, 2020

Texas DCA Brandon Watts is deserving of recognition for demonstrating Spirit of the Compact in the handling of a parole matter that happened prior to COVID-19.  Nebraska Parole had a case in which the offender was being considered for medical parole and DCA Watts and his team worked with the Nebraska Parole Compact Office to approve expedited reporting instructions.  However, due to the special circumstances of the case it was determined it would be best to have a decision regarding the Transfer Request prior to the hearing so Texas graciously completed its investigation in short order and the Transfer Request was approved.  Although the offender was granted parole at the hearing, before the offender could depart for the receiving state he passed away.  Nebraska appreciates DCA Watts and his team going above and beyond to ensure a decision prior to the hearing to pave the way so the offender's transfer of supervision could occur.  This is an example of the Compact at its best.  

Submitted by: DCA Parole Sally Reinhardt-Stewart / Nebraska