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Lieutenant Bill West / Nevada / September 17, 2020

On September 16, 2020 NM received a request from a local Probation and Parole office asking for assistance for our the local District Attorney in the location of a NV probation officer. Compact Administrator Cohen submitted an email to DCA Bill West from NV asking for assistance in the location and information of this particular PO. DCA West obliged and tried to find the local PO, unfortunately his findings came up without finding the local officer. Doing what DCA's do best he took to action and actually found out the PO was not from NV but from North Dakota and was able work with Commissioner Amy Vorchek of South Dakota who was able to assist with the information to our local DA. This was an act that was out of side of the norm for Compact offices but DCA West went above and beyond to assist NM with providing information even when he found out the local PO was not in his local offices. NM appreciates the effort and time spend to assist us even though this was not a specific compact matter and provided the information for our local District Attorney. 

Submitted by: Compact Administrator Roberta Cohen / New Mexico