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State-Requested Travel Restrictions

NOTICE: The following is a chronological listing of requests made by individual states to temporarily restrict travel permits to offenders to specific locations for specific events within their states. This list is updated as new requests are made by the Interstate Compact office in the receiving state.

To add your Travel Restriction Request to this list please send the information through the Contact form.

Interstate Compact Offices: In the spirit of the Compact, please contact the receiving state directly if you have an offender requesting to transfer to one of the areas listed below.


October 08–December 03

Until Further Notice: Travel restrictions are requested until further notice for Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty and Washington counties.

Offenders who are employed by or have a work contract with a licensed Florida company or with FEMA may receive a travel permit to come to Florida for recovery employment purposes. Please email the travel permit with supporting employment documentation to Independent workers not under contract or employed as indicated should not be given travel permits to the affected areas.

If you have any questions, please contact the Florida Compact Office at 850-717-3487.


November 13–December 12

Until Further Notice: Due to the fires in Butte County, please put a hold on incoming Transfer Requests/Reporting Instructions. The fires have not yet been contained so access is restricted to several areas of the county. Several towns in Butte County have been completely wiped out and 17 PO’s have lost their homes.