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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

Rule 4.101 - Manner and degree of supervision in receiving state

A receiving state shall supervise offenders consistent with the supervision of other similar offenders sentenced in the receiving state, including the use of incentives, corrective actions, graduated responses, and other supervision techniques.

References: ICAOS Advisory Opinions

2-2005 [Out of state offenders can be arrested and detained for failure to comply with conditions of probation if such a failure would have resulted in an arrest of a similar situated in-state offender]
5-2006 [This rule does not permit a state to impose the establishment of sex offender risk level or community notification on offenders transferred under the Compact if the receiving state does not impose these same requirements on its own offenders]
3-2008 [Compact offenders should be subject to the same exceptions as offenders sentenced in the receiving state.]

History: Adopted November 4, 2003, effective August 1, 2004; amended September 14, 2016, effective June 1, 2017.