Spirit of the Compact

Recognizing those who go above and beyond the general call of duty to reach the conclusion or solution that best serves public safety through the Interstate Compact.

Nominated: Israel Branton / Florida - September 25, 2018

An IL Sex Offender had been placed in Immigration custody on a Deportation Detainer upon release to IL parole. After several months, when Vietnam failed to provide the necessary documents for deportation, ICE was forced to release this offender to supervision. His family picked him up from a Chicago ICE facility and transported him to FL where they lived and could assist him. However, this offender did not have an approved ICOTS transfer. In fact, his siblings all lived in an area that has major sex offender restrictions.

Nominated: Brandon Watts / Texas - August 22, 2018

Brandon Watts continues to be a true advocate for the spirit of the compact. He is helpful to the field in Texas, all ICOTS offices in the 50 states and three territories, and he is a hero for many. Below is a letter from a family member that shows how his daily work impacts so many:

Good Morning Miss Tina and Miss Heather,

I’m emailing the both of you because over the previous months, I’d say since February, I’ve been in contact with Brandon Watts. I want to let you both know that he has been phenomenal - absolutely going above and beyond for my situation.

Nominated: Sally Reinhardt-Stewart / Nebraska - August 16, 2018

Recently, Iowa had a parolee who had been retaken from Nebraska. The parolee completed a treatment program in Iowa and needed to return to Nebraska to reunite with her newborn child. She was on a waiting list for an apartment in Nebraska. Sally agreed to grant expedited reporting instructions allowing the offender to go to a temporary home plan, while waiting for a permanent residence. This is something not all states would agree to do but Sally was willing to assist. Sally is always willing to work with us to reach the best outcome for offenders and the community.

Nominated: Paul Fuentes / Texas - June 22, 2018

Paul Fuentes is a dedicated TXICO employee, his hard work and dedication along with his daily patience with families who are trying to navigate the ICAOS process is priceless. Below is a letter from a distraught family member who found solace in her daily communication with Paul.

Dear Ms. Balandran:

I have been trying to get my son transferred to Texas, from an Oklahoma jail, to live with us when he gets out. It has been quite an ordeal. He ended up being denied as we live too close to the swimming pool and park by a few feet.

Nominated: Steve Turner / Kentucky - June 19, 2018

Steve has always operated as a team player, not only for KY but for all member states, especially Indiana. He did not fall short when faced with one of Indiana's difficult sex offender transfer cases. Indiana submitted a RFRI's for a resident sex offender living in the receiving state when sentenced. Although the compact affords sex offenders the opportunity to travel daily to work, this offender could not exercise the privilege due to the commute totaling 7 hrs round trip. The offender not only had to miss work but his entire family was lodged with him.

Nominated: Doris Crews / Florida - June 13, 2018

On 06/05/2018 at 1:29pm the Court issued an order due to a defense motion in the case of a sex offender that stated, "State Probation shall allow the Defendant a travel pass to return to his home in Alabama immediately." When the order was processed and received at the probation office, Correctional Probation Supervisor Crews recognized that the order was in direct violation of ICAOS Rule 3.101-3 and immediately took action. 

Nominated: Heather Clark / Texas - April 17, 2018

On 4/14/18 NY Parole’s Warrant and Transfer Unit contacted the NY Interstate Office requesting assistance. Warrant and Transfer Officers where attempting an extradition of a “non compact” NY offender at a local county jail in Texas. Despite having been informed that the offender was available for extradition, the county jail was now refusing to accept the predesigned waiver as the offender was refusing extradition. NY Interstate contacted DCA Clark and requested any assistance she could provide. DCA Clark, without any hesitation, assisted NY in successfully completing this extradition.

Nominated: Tim Strickland / Florida - April 17, 2018

NY Parole Interstate Compact Office was approached by the NY City District Attorney’s office concerning a parolee who had successfully testified in a murder trial and was now receiving death threats. NYC DA wanted to assist the offender in relocating. After several conferences, Florida was identified as a possible transfer site as the offender was familiar with the state and had marginal ties. With the assistance of DCA Strickland, transfer was successfully effectuated in the spirit of Law Enforcement cooperation.

Nominated: Jennifer Fountain / Wyoming and Daniel Montoya / New Mexico - March 14, 2018

On March 13, 2018, NM PPO Daniel Montoya reached out to the NM Interstate office to get information on a Parolee from Wyoming that was under supervision for a Sex Offense committed in 1984, this offender also had a Sex offense case in New Mexico as well. PO Montoya provide the ISC office with the information as he was made aware by the offender he still owed supervision time in Wyoming after being extradited back to NM on his NM case.

Nominated: Felix Rosa / New York - March 7, 2018

On March 7, 2018 at 10:03am Florida DCA Tim Strickland emailed information to New York Parole DCA Felix Rosa regarding a New York Sex Offender that was transferred to Florida who on March 6, 2018 was arrested in Florida on new kidnapping and sex offenses against a child. FL advised NY that a full OVR would be submitted requesting NY to issue a warrant for the offender so under Florida Statutes the parolee could be held in custody until the disposition of the violation hearing was completed.

Nominated: Elizabeth Powell / District of Columbia - December 7, 2017

The District of Columbia is supervising a Compact-transferred offender for Virginia. The offender is a resident of DC by Compact definition. A Violation Report for Behavior Requiring Retaking was submitted documenting the offender's failure to follow-through with aftercare drug treatment and testing positive for cocaine and heroin. DC previously documented on Progress Reports and Violation Reports similar non-compliance related to substance abuse and interventions had been applied.

Nominated: Jay Lynn / North Carolina - August 22, 2017

Idaho extradited an offender from Florida on a violation that we should not have submitted to our court as the violation happened before the Idaho crime. The extradition took 249 days and the offender lost her housing and her vehicle during the extradition process. Idaho reached out to North Carolina DCA Jay Lynn and Commissioner Timothy Moose, requesting if North Carolina would allow an offender whose mother moved to North Carolina two weeks prior be given reporting instructions before the transfer request was submitted.

Nominated: Candice Alfonso and Monique Griffith / New Jersey - August 15, 2017

DCA Candice Alfonso and Monique Griffith from the NJ Probation Compact Office worked closely with PA to get a combative female offender returned to NJ on a NJ warrant. When PA agents initially arrested the offender on the NJ warrant, she kicked over the water cooler in the office, threw water on a computer and became aggressive with the office staff. When the agents attempted to have her detained she claimed she was pregnant and miscarrying so she was taken to a hospital where she refused treatment.

Nominated: Lisa Gros, Vince Paladino, Lori Lehmann / Michigan - August 7, 2017

Lisa Gros, Vince Paladino and Lori Lehmann from Michigan acted expeditiously to obtain a fully extraditable warrant for an offender being supervised in PA to protect a victim who feared retribution by this offender. MI immediately reviewed the Progress Report and the Violation Report that were submitted and within less than an hour had the warrant entered. It would have been rule complaint for MI to direct the offender's return; however, due to the victim's fear of retribution by the offender, Michigan agreed without hesitation to retake in custody.

Nominated: Brandon Watts / Texas - May 1, 2017

On Thursday April 27, 2017 @ 11:23 a.m. I contacted Brandon via e-mail regarding an offender who was wishing to transfer to Texas who had a release date of May 2, 2017. Our office has been in a state of transition due to the loss of a staff member. As s result demands have been higher on existing staff. The offender’s case was inadvertently overlooked until April 27th when it was discovered that the TREQ had not been completed as thought. As such I reached out to Brandon who in the past has been absolutely fantastic to work with regarding cases.

Nominated: Christopher Lane / Florida - January 18, 2017

Nevada would like to express our appreciation for the efforts of Unit Supervisor Christopher Lane in helping to resolve a case of a Nevada compact offender who is currently under compact supervision in Florida. Nevada was in the process of retaking this offender from Florida when, five hours after she had been picked up from the local facility in Florida by our contracted transport, she collapsed during the transport at a restroom stop in Florida and was admitted to the hospital due to what was diagnosed as pneumonia.

Nominated: Kristin Farrell-Logsdon / Ohio - December 20, 2016

Washington had a case where a registrable individual was released from prison in another state and by the time it came to our attention, the offender had released to his father’s residence. Ohio/Kristin allowed the individual to remain in OH while WA worked with him to develop a viable home plan. There was a lot of back and forth and Kristin enlisted the aid of Suzanne Brooks who was also instrumental in helping WA approve this individual’s home plan. There was a real team effort by the WA PO, Kyle Helm, and OH’s Interstate staff.

Nominated: Frank Mesarick, Mark Blan, Larry Thomas / Oklahoma - November 8, 2016

The state of Oklahoma started working with this offender in July of 2016. For about 5 months Oklahoma worked with the state of Kansas to find appropriate housing for the offender, due to him being a sex offender and having medical disabilities. After multiple residence plans had to be denied in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma compact office and field officers agreed to work with Kansas to find suitable housing prior to the submission of a formal transfer packet.

Nominated: Krista Greenwood / Michigan - October 19, 2016

Officer Krista Greenwood displayed the Spirit of the Compact by immediately responding to a request for emergency reporting instructions for an offender who is both a Michigan parolee and a Kentucky parolee. Michigan provided Kentucky with placement information prior to offender’s release from Michigan DOC; kept Kentucky informed in reference to his release date and placement approval prior to Kentucky even submitting a transfer request.

Nominated: Tim Strickland / Florida - August 31, 2016

The District of Columbia’s Deputy Compact Administrator, Elizabeth Powell, was contacted by D.C. Superior Court Judge to help secure a transfer for a client who needed to reside in Florida were he had a great support system. The attorney was also a family friend who was able to provide immediate transportation from D.C. to Florida. Mr. Strickland assisted the D.C. Interstate Compact Office with a proposed Discretionary Transfer of a sex offender client who suffered from severe mental health issues. Mr.

Nominated: Paula Soelle, Lucia Rodriguez, Julie Iris / Arizona - August 26, 2016

On August 16, 2016, Utah received an alert through local dispatch concerning an online post a former compact offender had made in reference to a shooting the offender fantasized about committing at a school. Utah reached out to Arizona as the offender had recently returned to Arizona from the compact. Paula Soelle, with the Arizona Probation Compact Unit, sprung into action, as did Lucia Rodriguez and Julie Iris with Yuma County Probation. They made sure an immediate field visit was conducted.

Nominated: Sgt. Peggy Hatch and Officer Chad Woster / Nevada - March 11, 2016

Sgt. Hatch and Officer Woster worked with Utah to investigate a transfer request and reporting instructions on an offender who had been placed on court supervised probation and improperly allowed to relocate to Nevada without a compact. Sgt. Hatch and Officer Woster could have rejected the reporting instructions, however they recognized the totality of the situation and did not punish the offender for the court’s error. Utah is grateful to Sgt. Hatch and Officer Woster for their dedication and cooperation. It is individuals like these who truly make the compact work.

Nominated: Kimberly Gallegos / California - February 2, 2016

A South Carolina Field Agent in Charge contacted the SC Interstate Compact Office to report that a local sheriff’s deputy had completed an incident report from a woman and her children who have a No-Contact order against the ex-husband who lives in California. The woman saw the offender in South Carolina and he was also taking pictures of her and the children. She was fearful for her safety and the safety of the children, therefore, she called police.

Nominated: Richard Kinner / Tennessee - January 27, 2016

This is a complex case of an offender who was 14 when she was convicted. Her mother was her co-defendant and is incarcerated within the Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC). The offender has been with the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) since being arrested and when she turns 18 she will be released to extended family in Tennessee.

The Tennessee PO who accepted her case, Richard Kinner, graciously agreed to participate in a conference call with Virginia’s DOC and DJJ, the offender, and her Counselor to plan for her release.