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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

Rule 5.101 - Discretionary retaking by the sending state

(a) Except as required in Rules 5.101-15.1025.103 and 5.103-1 at its sole discretion, a sending state may retake or order the return of an offender.

(b) If the offender does not return to the sending state as ordered, then the sending state shall issue a warrant no later than 10 business days following the offender's failure to appear in the sending state.

History: Adopted November 4, 2003, effective August 1, 2004; amended September 26, 2007, effective January 1, 2008; amended October 13, 2010, effective March 1, 2011; amended August 28, 2013, effective March 1, 2014.