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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century



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Signed into law:
March 26, 2002


Allen Godfrey

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

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Allen Godfrey is the Field Services Director for the State of Minnesota, which is responsible for the oversight of probation and parole, and is al

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Allen Godfrey is the Field Services Director for the State of Minnesota, which is responsible for the oversight of probation and parole, and is also the ICAOS Commissioner.


He began his career working with juveniles in Hennepin County’s residential facility in 1984 and has held positions as a probation officer, supervisor, was deputy director in Dakota County, and director of Scott County Community Corrections.


Godfrey has a Master’s Degree in Human Services Planning and Administration. While in Dakota County, he initiated the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative which led to the reduction of juveniles in detention, and the implementation of specialty courts. He led the implementation, training, quality assurance, and outcomes of Evidence Based Practices (EBP). Allen is a member of the State EBP Policy Committee and serves on the Minnesota Specialty Court Advisory Committee.


Deputy Compact Administrator

State ICOTS Administrator

MN - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator


Victims’ Representative

Suzanne Elwell

Victim's Representative

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Number: MN ST 243.1605

Offender Information

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Violation Grid Information

Probation Violation Matrix


Hearings and Release Dispositional Guide

Condition Rankings

State Council


Mr. Stephen King, Director, Chair, Mower County Court Services
Ms. Suzanne Elwell, Vice Chair, Office of Justice Programs, Dept. of Public Safety
Richard Kyle
Honorable Warren Limmer, State Senate
Honorable Brian Johnson, State Representative
Mr. William M Ward, Public Defender
Mr. Allen Godfrey, Interstate Commissioner, Dir. of Field Services, Dept. of Corrections
Kelly Kemp, Assistant Attorney General, Public Protection
Ms. Kathryn Richtman, Assistant Ramsey County Attorney
Sheriff Bill Hutton, Minnesota Sheriff’s Association
Ms. Nicole Kern, Community Corrections Act Counties
Honorable JoAnn Ward, State Representative
Honorable Bobby Joe Champion, State Senate
Mr. Michael McGuire, Office of the Governor

Meeting Documents




In 33 of 87 counties governed by the Community Corrections Act, the supervision fee amount is set by the local corrections agency. In the remaining 54 counties the amount is set by the Department of Corrections or the local County Board.