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2020 Annual Business Meeting Videos

Thriving in the Trenches | Kirsten Lewis

Session Description
Few people would doubt that managing the interstate transfer of criminal offenders is stressful work. The stakes are high and challenging experiences can easily become an ordinary part of the workday. Then, in the blink of an eye, the world changed! With COVID-19, the daily challenges for offender, and ICAOS staff alike, suddenly went from ordinary to extraordinary! In these unprecedented times, managing stress is not just a luxury, it is a necessity! Thankfully, an exciting body of research has emerged in recent years that offers hope for these uncertain times. While stressful events can undoubtedly feel taxing and difficult in the moment, they can also bring people together, enhance empathy and compassion, improve performance under pressure, and even render a workforce stronger and more successful. This session will describe the research and provide practical strategies that can be implemented at work and at home (or when the two have become one in the same).


Empowerment and Role of DCAs

Session Description
The Deputy Compact Administrator (DCA) is the center of compact operations in each state.  Being a DCA requires the ability to take on various responsibilities such as managing the staff of the compact office, apprising the Commissioner on matters related to compact and be the point of contact for compact operations with other states and with stakeholders within their state.  This training session focuses on the importance of good communication and problem solving skills to be successful in the role as DCA.  The presenters will share real scenarios, operation strategies and best practices demonstrating techniques to make your state’s compact operations more effective.