Best Practices

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An Interstate Compact Best Practice is a Successful Goal-Oriented Compact Initiative that has Documented its Efficiency, Effectiveness & Impact in Everyday Practice.

Best Practice is a management idea which asserts that there is a technique, method, process, or activity more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method, process, or activity. While each state is unique in structure, the mission and responsibilities with regard to compact operations are similar. For example, all states are involved in training field personnel, sustaining a state council, and resolving disputes. In an effort to provide additional technical assistance to the states, the Commission is posting Best Practice submissions here.

Best Practices

Uniform Face Sheets For Interstate Warrants
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The ICAOS Commissioner and State Director of Probation in New York sent a formal memo to local probation departments about the timely issuance of interstate warrants, as well as face sheets developed by their office to easily identify the need for full extradition warrants within 15 business days.