State Council Toolkit - Promoting Successful Councils

The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision’s (ICAOS) State Council Toolkit provides guidance, instruction, and ideas to promote successful council creation and council member terms. It is designed to convey valuable information to assist your council with the important work that you do to promote public safety, enhance rehabilitation and successful re-entry, and protect the rights of victims and families.

The ICAOS Toolkit reflects the hard work of the national office to create the best possible resource for you. To that end, we hope that many of your questions can be answered here; however, if you cannot find them in the Toolkit, we encourage you to contact your state compact office or the national office to help address your questions. 

Your input regarding council needs is invaluable; and your help ensures the relevance and timeliness of council materials. When you have examples, additions, and suggestions that could benefit others across the country, please contact us at