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On April 5, 2022, the Executive Committee approved several changes to ICAOS Policies. The Committee voted to retire five policies as part of the authorized revisions due to operational changes, these include Financial Practice, Benchbook Distribution, Advisory Opinion Issuance, and the two appendices to Audit Standards.

Eight other policies were also amended. The Commission’s policy around travel reimbursement (AP 07-2004) increases limits on flight reimbursement up to $650 per traveler. Several other policies were updated to provide greater clarity and applicability. These include:

  • Accessing Legal Counsel (AP 02-2004)
  • Alcohol Consumption (AP 01-2006)
  • Communicating with Members of the Public (AP 02-2007)
  • Training and Technical Assistance (AP 01-2008)
  • Guidelines for Handling Closed Session Minutes (AP 01-2009)
  • Records Retention and Destruction Policy (AP 02-2009)

The Technology Committee recommended that the ICOTS Privacy Policy be updated to clarify language, remove fees, and condense data sharing sections. More importantly, timeframes for handling data entry errors are now included in the policy to ensure compliance.


The following are administrative policies for the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision.

Download PDF version of all ICAOS Administrative Policies. (Take 5 seconds to generate)

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