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Spirit Sighting Nomination Form

Preserving the Spirit of the Compact

‘Preserving the Spirit of the Compact’ is an essential part of advancing the Commission’s mission. But, what is meant by “Preserving the Spirit of the Compact”? Though somewhat difficult to define, the phrase captures the act of going above and beyond the general call of duty to reach the conclusion or solution that best serves public safety.
Individuals who witness the Spirit of the Compact in action can recognize those whose service exceeds the requirements and norms of their position. To nominate someone deserving of this significant recognition, please use the linked submission form below.

Compact Spirit Sighting nominations should follow these principles:

  1. Spirit Sightings should focus on a particular instance (or sighting) where the nominee went “above and beyond to reach the best solution to ensure public safety.”
  2. Nominations should be made by a single individual or entity (state, compact office or county).
  3. The exception to principles 1 and 2 are situations where a standing body (e.g. state councils) decides that an individual is worthy of general recognition.

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