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Bench Book - 2.11.1 Primary Powers of the Commission

The powers of the Commission appear in Article V of the ICAOS. Among its primary powers, the Commission:

  • Promulgates rules, which are binding on the states and have the force and effect of statutory law within each member state;
  • Oversees, supervises, and coordinates the interstate movement of offenders subject to the Compact;
  • Enforces compliance with all the Compact rules and terms;
  • Creating mechanisms for resolving disputes between states;
  • Coordinates the Commission’s education, training, and awareness relative to offender’s interstate movement;
  • Establishes uniform standards for reporting, collecting, and exchanging data; and,
  • Performs other functions as necessary to achieve the purposes of the Compact.



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Rules – means acts of the Interstate Commission, which have the force and effect of law in the compacting states, and are promulgated under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, and substantially affect interested parties in addition to the Interstate Commission.