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Bench Book - 3.5.2 Temporary Travel Permits

Offenders may be granted travel permits. A travel permit is the “written permission granted to an offender authorizing the offender to travel from one state to another.” See Rule 1.101. Rule 3.110 requires a receiving state to provide notification to a sending state prior to issuing a travel permit to travel to the sending state.  Exceptions exist when the travel is limited to what is necessary for employment or medical purposes. See Rule 3.110.



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Temporary Travel Permit – means, for the purposes of Rule 3.108 (b), the written permission granted to an offender, whose supervision has been designated a “victim–sensitive” matter, to travel outside the supervising state for more than 24 hours but no more than 31 calendar days. A temporary travel permit shall include a starting and ending date for travel.