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Mission Statement

The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision will guide the transfer of offenders in a manner that promotes effective& supervision strategies consistent with public safety, offender accountability, and victims’ rights.


The Commission would like to acknowledge the assistance of all the individuals involved in drafting this book and, more specifically, to the authors and reviewers that took part in the review process. Our sincere gratitude goes to the chapter’s authors who contributed their time and expertise to this resource.

We also wish to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the reviewers regarding the improvement of quality, coherence, and content presentation. We are fortunate that the nation’s leading legal experts on interstate compact law dedicated their considerable knowledge and skills to this work. Many thanks to:

  • Michael L. Buenger, Executive Vice President and Chief of Operations for the National Center for State Courts
  • Richard L. (Rick) Masters, Legal Counsel for the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision
  • Jeffrey Litwak, Legal Counsel for the Columbia River Gorge Commission
  • James Markham, Associate Professor of Public Law and Government for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Government
  • Jeremy Mussman, Deputy Director, Maricopa County Public Defender
  • Mark Hodgson, Maricopa County Public Defender Law Clerk