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Section 1. Fiscal Year.

The Commission’s fiscal year shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

Section 2. Budget.

The Commission shall operate on an annual budget cycle and shall, in any given year, adopt budgets for the following fiscal year or years only after notice and comment as provided by the Compact.

Section 3. Accounting and Audit.

The Commission, with the assistance of the executive director, shall keep accurate and timely accounts of its internal receipts and disbursements of the Commission funds, other than receivership assets. The treasurer, through the executive director, shall cause the Commission’s financial accounts and reports, including the Commission’s system of internal controls and procedures, to be audited annually by an independent certified or licensed public accountant, as required by the Compact, upon the determination of the Commission, but no less frequently than once each year. The report of such independent audit shall be made available to the public and shall be included in and become part of the annual report to the governors, legislatures, and judiciary of the Compacting States. The Commission’s internal accounts, any workpapers related to any internal audit, and any workpapers related to the independent audit shall be confidential; provided, that such materials shall be made available: (i) in compliance with the order of any court of competent jurisdiction; (ii) pursuant to such reasonable rules as the Commission shall promulgate; and (iii) to any Commissioner of a Compacting State, or their duly authorized representatives.

Section 4. Public Participation in Meetings.

Upon prior written request to the Commission, any person who desires to present a statement on a matter that is on the agenda shall be afforded an opportunity to present an oral statement to the Commission at an open meeting. The chairperson may, depending on the circumstances, afford any person who desires to present a statement on a matter that is on the agenda an opportunity to be heard absent a prior written request to the Commission. The chairperson may limit the time and manner of any such statements at any open meeting.

Section 5. Debt Limitations.

The Commission shall monitor its own and its committees’ affairs for compliance with all provisions of the Compact, its rules and these By-laws governing the incurring of debt and the pledging of credit.

Section 6. Travel Reimbursements.

Subject to the availability of budgeted funds and unless otherwise provided by the Commission, Commission Members shall be reimbursed for any actual and necessary expenses incurred pursuant to their attendance at all duly convened meetings of the Commission or its committees as provided by the Compact.