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(a) If there is reasonable suspicion that an offender has absconded, the receiving state shall attempt to locate the offender. Such activities shall include, but are not limited to: Documenting communication attempts directly to the offender, including…
Rules governing supervision in the receiving state under the compact of the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision
This on-demand training module includes: Retaking & Warrant Overview Discretionary Retaking & Mandatory Retaking
This on-demand training module illustrates the violation reporting process for offenders supervised in a receiving state and how this process impacts the sending state's obligation to retake an offender. Completion time is approximately 20 minutes.
Compliance – means that an offender is abiding by all terms and conditions of supervision, including payment of restitution, family support, fines, court costs or other financial obligations imposed by the sending state.
Retaking – means the act of a sending state in physically removing an offender, or causing to have an offender removed, from a receiving state.
Probable Cause Hearing – a hearing in compliance with the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, conducted on behalf of an offender accused of violating the terms or conditions of the offender‘s parole or probation.
Behavior Requiring Retaking – means an act or pattern of non-compliance with conditions of supervision that could not be successfully addressed through the use of documented corrective action or graduated responses and would result in a request for…
Whether a transferred offender who commits a violation may be subjected to confinement for short periods in lieu of revocation
Whether an offender who has been arrested and released on bail for pending charges in the receiving state may be apprehended and detained for retaking by the sending state pending resolution of the new criminal charge
A receiving state is obligated to report to sending state authorities within 30 calendar days of the discovery or determination that an offender has engaged in behavior requiring retaking. “Behavior requiring retaking” is defined in Rule 1.101 as an act…
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