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Whether an offender is subject to retaking under the compact if a receiving state closes interest in a case pursuant to rule 4.112
How states should manage absconders apprehended in the receiving state
As previously noted, Article I of ICAOS authorizes officers of a sending state to enter a receiving state, or a state to which an offender has absconded, for purposes of retaking an offender. With limited exceptions, the decision to retake an offender…
Rules governing retaking an offender under the compact of the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision
Warrant – means a written order of the court or authorities of a sending or receiving state or other body of competent jurisdiction which is made on behalf of the state, or United States, issued pursuant to statute and/or rule and which commands law…
Retaking – means the act of a sending state in physically removing an offender, or causing to have an offender removed, from a receiving state.
This guide supports extradition professionals managing the return of supervised individuals who transfer to another state through the Interstate Compact. Topics addressed within the new guide include: Who is subject to the Compact; Differences between…
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