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Whether Rule 5.108 permits the use of 2-way closed circuit video for conducting probable cause
Whether a state can permit an offender to proceed to another state for multiple periods of time, never exceeding 45 consecutive days in any single occurrence
ICAOS Advisory Opinions published in 2012
Whether an offender whose supervision was never transferred and who subsequently absconds supervision is subject to retaking under the terms of the Compact
Whether the receiving state's acceptance of a transfer request or reporting instructions creates the 'planned release' date
Effect of New Jersey statute on acquitted persons by reason of insanity
This on-demand training module provides an introduction to ICAOS and rules relevant to Judges, attorneys and other court personnel.  
This on-demand training module gives an overview of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision intended for Jail Administrators.
This on-demand training module gives an overview of ICAOS rules intended for Parole Board Members.
Prior to accessing ICOTS, users must be trained on ICAOS rules, ICOTS procedures as well as the ICOTS privacy policy. This training module highlights the privacy policy and the end user agreement confirming ICOTS user understand and agree to terms prior…
Resident – means a person who has resided in a state for at least 1 year continuously and immediately prior to either the supervision start date or sentence date for the original offense for which transfer is being requested; and intends that such state…
When possibly subject to revocation in the sending state for violations (excluding new convictions) committed in the receiving state, compact offenders are ENTITLED to a probable cause hearing near where the alleged violations occurred prior to retaking.…
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