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ICAOS OnDemand Training Changes Coming Early 2024!

ICAOS OnDemand Training Changes Coming Early 2024!


Upgrades to ICAOS’s training site will launch February 5th, 2024.  Additional information and transition plans will be circulated to state compact offices before the end of the year.  A few important notes regarding the changes include:

  • Registration process:  Accounts created for training will be made directly on the training site rather than on the ICAOS site
  • Historical Achievements:  Upgrade will include a new user database.  Therefore, users should save their current achievements/certificates as those will not show in the new training site
  • Rule Amendment for Rule 5.108:  Effective March 1, 2024, the rule amendment to Rule 5.108 will be reflected in the updated rule modules
  • ICOTS training modules:  Modules for ICOTS processes will be reformatted using newer software.  Have suggestions for new content or changes?  Please email
  • Revised support documentation:  Prior to transition, help documentation regarding the ICAOS training site will be updated

Learn more about ICAOS’s OnDemand training here