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Enhancement Requests for Electronic System Authorized by the Commission 02-2018


Issued on: 12/19/2018

I. Authority

The Executive Committee is vested with the power to adopt a policy on behalf of the Interstate Commission during periods when the Interstate Commission is not in session. The Executive Committee oversees the Commission’s day-to-day activities.

II. Applicability

This policy applies to Commissioners, Compact Administrators, Deputy Compact Administrators, State Legal Representatives and all persons engaged in the business of the compact.

III. Policy

This policy provides an orderly process for Commissioners to recommend Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System enhancements. The policy outlines how to submit enhancement requests and changes to the Technology Committee for consideration and action.

IV. Objectives

Define procedures for referring and managing enhancement requests to the electronic information system authorized by the Commission. Outline the responsibilities for request originator, Technology Committee, national office and Commission.

V. Procedure

  1. Enhancement requests or changes may be proposed by majority vote of a standing committee or Region and are referred to the ICAOS Technology Committee. As needed, the national office may also make recommendations for enhancements or changes for the Technology Committee’s consideration.
  2. ICOTS enhancement requests or changes must originate from an ICAOS Commissioner using the enhancement form available on the Commission’s website. The completed form must be circulated to a Region/Committee Chair and national office at least 5 days prior to Committee/Region consideration.
  3. Upon approval to refer an enhancement or change, the ICAOS Technology Committee shall review the referred enhancement and if necessary:
    1. Make technical modifications prior to posting for comment; and,
    2. Provide explanation for the Technology Committee’s support or non-support.
  4. As directed by the Technology Committee, all enhancement proposals shall post for thirty (30) days to allow comment by Commission members.
  5. In consideration of comments received and discussion by the Committee, the Technology Committee shall prioritize enhancement proposals and prepare a final draft for deliberation and approval at the Annual Business meeting of the Commission. A statement of work quote shall be included with the final draft.
  6. The Commission, following regular rules used during the Annual Business Meeting, shall adopt and provide budget approval for the enhancement plan.
  7. The Technology Committee may consider emergency changes/proposals outside of the Annual Business Meeting and shall send approved emergency action requests to the Executive Committee for consideration and action on behalf of the Commission.
  8. Upon approval of an emergency action, the National Office shall immediately notify all Commission Members and shall provide Member comments to the Technology Chair and Executive Committee.

The ICOTS Enhancement Request Form is available on the Commission website: