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Screening a Supervised Individual from Public View in ICOTS’ Public Access Portal 04-2009


Issued on: 08/01/2009

Revised on: 03/20/2024

I. Authority

The Executive Committee is vested with the power to adopt a policy on behalf of the Interstate Commission during periods when the Interstate Commission is not in session. The Executive Committee oversees the day-to-day activities managed by the Executive Director.

II. Applicability

This policy applies to Commissioners, Compact Administrators, Deputy Compact Administrators, State Legal Representatives, and all persons engaged in the business of the Compact.

III. Policy

The Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS) provides limited public access to ICOTS information using a public access portal. In certain situations, there is a legitimate need to hide specific information on supervised individuals from public viewing.  This policy outlines the process by which a state can petition to conceal an individual from public view.

  1. Eligibility
    1. The supervised individual must be a participant in a state or federal witness protection program to be eligible for concealment from public viewing. 
    2. State laws prohibit the public display of the information.
  2. Process
    1. The State Compact Commissioner or designee must document and maintain a file on all requests to exclude a supervised individual from public viewing. At a minimum, the documentation shall include the following:
      1. Supervised individual’s name, date of birth, and ICOTS number, if available; and,
      2. Brief description of the need to conceal the supervised individual from public viewing.
  3. Audit
    1. The required records are subject to review by the national office.