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Nominated: Bamidele Olusola / Texas - April 18, 2019

John Mullaney of the Texas Compact Office received this e-mail message from Daniel Smith of the Ohio Compact Office that said, in part:

I sent a lengthy CAR to the Texas PO (Bamidele Olusola) regarding the above offender today. First, I want to thank your PO for doing an excellent job keeping this offender on his toes. The offender is “singing the blues” about how the TX PO is supervising him. That is a good sign considering this offender is highly manipulative and pretends to not understand, etc. This offender is one of those who will need to be kept back on his heels or he will run amuck quickly. He was told numerous times that he needs to speak with his TX PO, and not call me, about his complaints.

Additionally, this offender should be obtaining full-time employment which pays by payroll check. I was contacted on 3/26/2019 by the Butler County Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency regarding this offender. At the time of the call, they were seeking his address so that they could contact him to initiate child support payments. Hence the reason he needs to be getting full time employment by 5/9/19. I am sure TX is just like everywhere else in the country and jobs are plentiful. He needs to get a job or multiple jobs equaling 40 hours per week. I need to get a payroll check stub for him so that I can provide it to Butler County Child Support so they can begin garnishing his pay.

This offender, in March of this year, was observed by the son of the victim in Butler County, Ohio. It was later learned that the offender had in fact left TX without permission and traveled to Ohio. He has since been placed on GPS and this is definitely cramping his style. It is holding him accountable and he is hating it. This guy seems to want to do parole his way.

During his phone call with me, he mentioned his ex-girlfriend calling and telling the TX PO lies about him and he appeared to be angry over this. This has caused me some concern. Please do not allow him to travel outside TX without notifying OH first. We want to be sure that the caller is protected from any unwanted contact in person or otherwise. In the future if we receive information, we would appreciate knowing that all calls will be treated as confidential. This will help us protect the callers and will encourage them to continue to provide information about him in the future. I do not know if he was told who called or if he was trying to guess. Bottom line is I did not acknowledge his statement one way or the other.

Again, please express my gratitude to the TX PO for implementing a supervision strategy that appears to be cramping the style of the offender and keeping him in his lane. THANKS VERY MUCH!

Submitted by: Program Specialist John Mullaney / Texas and Interstate Compact Analyst Daniel Smith / Ohio