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Nominated: Betty Payton / North Carolina - April 23, 2019

Kansas Parole received an offender that was sentenced directly to parole from the county jail with little chance for re-entry planning. Due to high mental health needs and never living in Kansas, the offender was a problem case from beginning. The family, acting on the best interest of the offender and not knowing the interstate compact rules, picked up the offender and took him to North Carolina without knowledge of the supervision agency. Upon finding this out and relaying all the information to North Carolina, they approved expedited reporting instructions within the hour. This greatly benefits the offender and communities in both states by having him supervised in the community with his most natural and best support system. Without approved RFRI, the offender likely would have absconded resulting in a concern for the safety of both North Carolina and Kansas.

Submitted by: Deputy Compact Administrator Matthew Billinger / Kansas