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Nominated: Cynthia Root and Matt Billinger / Kansas - March 18, 2019

Oklahoma recently determined that a probationer had traveled to Kansas after sentencing due to receiving incorrect information from the Oklahoma court. The offender had been living in the receiving state for over three months with her family and was working two jobs. Returning to Oklahoma would have caused an unfair hardship on the offender, as she has no resources in Oklahoma and she was not at fault in returning to Kansas. Oklahoma contacted the Kansas Interstate Office and spoke to Cynthia Root, who was acting in DCA Matt Billinger’s absence. Ms. Root expressed an immediate willingness to review the case and provide Reporting Instructions. This is only one example of the many times Kansas Interstate Compact office, under Matt Billinger’s leadership, exemplified the “Spirit of the Compact” by focusing on positive reactions to solving issues related to both public safety and offender rehabilitation. Thank you Cindy! and Matt for always resolving issues and contributing to positive relationships between our offices.

Submitted by: Parole Revocation Administrator Deborah Romine / Oklahoma