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Nominated: Candice Alfonso and Monique Griffith / New Jersey - August 15, 2017

DCA Candice Alfonso and Monique Griffith from the NJ Probation Compact Office worked closely with PA to get a combative female offender returned to NJ on a NJ warrant. When PA agents initially arrested the offender on the NJ warrant, she kicked over the water cooler in the office, threw water on a computer and became aggressive with the office staff. When the agents attempted to have her detained she claimed she was pregnant and miscarrying so she was taken to a hospital where she refused treatment. Multiple holding facilities were contacted but none would agree to accept her due to the potential medical issues, so she was eventually released. When NJ was made aware of her release, they agreed to work closely with their county sheriff to arrange an expeditious retake if PA could get the offender back in custody. PA was able to have the offender rearrested and held by the local police until pick up was in place for the following day. Monique Griffith was instrumental in providing the information necessary for PA and NJ to coordinate the quickest pick up arrangements possible. Although DCA Alfonso had the day off, she made herself available to discuss the issues this offender presented with the PA Compact Office, the NJ field staff and the local sheriff’s extradition unit. PA was very grateful for NJ’s commitment to public safety as evidenced by their cooperation and quick response to this difficult situation.

Submitted by: DCA Margaret Thompson / Pennsylvania