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Nominated: Christopher Lane / Florida - January 18, 2017

Nevada would like to express our appreciation for the efforts of Unit Supervisor Christopher Lane in helping to resolve a case of a Nevada compact offender who is currently under compact supervision in Florida. Nevada was in the process of retaking this offender from Florida when, five hours after she had been picked up from the local facility in Florida by our contracted transport, she collapsed during the transport at a restroom stop in Florida and was admitted to the hospital due to what was diagnosed as pneumonia. She was hospitalized at Longwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, Florida. Due to the age of the offender and her medical condition, the costs associated with the retaking of this offender at this time would have been exorbitant.

After staffing the situation with Mr. Lane on January 13, 2017, he had expressed a willingness to allow the offender to return to supervision in Florida provided that the sentencing judge in Nevada was willing to quash his existing warrant.

While not a mandatory retake, the warrant had been issued by the Nevada judge upon reviewing the noncompliant behavior that had been provided to Nevada in a progress report from the supervising officer in Florida. When the circumstances of this case and the Florida willingness to continue to supervise the offender was presented to our sentencing authority, the warrant was quashed. The transport company was then able to provide the offender with her instructions to report to her Florida probation officer upon discharge from the hospital.

Submitted by: Shawn Arruti / Nevada