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Nominated: Sarah Ball and Doug Clark / South Dakota - February 14, 2019

Minnesota released a high risk sex offender from a DOC facility to South Dakota on interstate compact. The offender is also on supervision in South Dakota. Minnesota required that this offender be transported by DOC staff to his placement, although South Dakota had no similar requirement. This requirement could have posed quite a problem when crossing state lines. However, the South Dakota Commissioner, Doug Clark, and Parole DCA, Sarah Ball, were contacted and readily agreed to assist in transporting the offender. Minnesota drove the offender to the South Dakota border, where a South Dakota agent met them and continued the transport to his destination. To complicate the situation, the scheduled transport had to be cancelled and rescheduled for February 13 due to inclement weather in the Midwest. South Dakota again readily assisted in rescheduling the transport as well as holding the offender’s placement in South Dakota despite the change in arrival date.

Submitted by: DCA Tracy Hudrlik / Minnesota