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Nominated: Dori Littler / Arizona - February 19, 2019

On February 15, New Mexico Interstate Compact (ISC) received an after-hours call regarding an Arizona offender that came to New Mexico without permission from his local Arizona PO. New Mexico ISC called Arizona Probation DCA Dori Littler to see if she could assist with the local Arizona PO even though this was a non interstate case. Due to the Federal Holiday, DCA Littler was able to make phone calls and assist with getting a warrant in place with the local PO to hold the offender in custody for retaking upon her return. New Mexico ISC, our Espanola Probation and Parole office, and our State Police applaud the assistance of DCA Littler and her ability to assist even though this was not a situation we normally would work in as an Interstate Compact Office. DCA Littler went above and beyond to work with her stake holders to assist New Mexico and made this public safety situation much easier to resolve. She holds the Spirit of the Compact as one facet of our jobs and we are appreciative of the relationship we hold with our neighboring state.

Submitted by: Commissioner Roberta Cohen / New Mexico