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Nominated: Doris Crews / Florida - June 13, 2018

On 06/05/2018 at 1:29pm the Court issued an order due to a defense motion in the case of a sex offender that stated, "State Probation shall allow the Defendant a travel pass to return to his home in Alabama immediately." When the order was processed and received at the probation office, Correctional Probation Supervisor Crews recognized that the order was in direct violation of ICAOS Rule 3.101-3 and immediately took action. 

She first explained to the offender that the Department could not follow the order and the offender would have to stay in Florida pending a decision on reporting instructions from Alabama. She advised her chain of command and the Florida Compact Office of the order and provided a copy of the order for the Department's Office of General Counsel. She contacted the State Attorney's Office and explained the issue to the Assistant State Attorney, ASA, over the case and requested that the ASA bring the issue back before the court to request the order be withdrawn. The ASA had the case called back up and the Order was rescinded less than 3 hours after it was issued.

Supervisor Crews completed her actions within 1 hour of discovery of the order and through her quick actions provided knowledge and guidance on the Compact Rules to help ensure Florida's compliance but more importantly to help ensure public safety even when it involved advising the court that the Department could not follow an order that is in violation of the Compact.

Submitted by: DCA Tim Strickland / Florida