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Nominated: Elizabeth Powell / District of Columbia - December 7, 2017

The District of Columbia is supervising a Compact-transferred offender for Virginia. The offender is a resident of DC by Compact definition. A Violation Report for Behavior Requiring Retaking was submitted documenting the offender's failure to follow-through with aftercare drug treatment and testing positive for cocaine and heroin. DC previously documented on Progress Reports and Violation Reports similar non-compliance related to substance abuse and interventions had been applied. At the probable cause hearing conducted by DCA Powell, the offender admitted guilt to the violations and asked for help in finding a longer inpatient treatment program than the typical 28 day programs. Probable cause was found and it was determined that DC could utilize it's existing contract with the Phoenix House (located in VA) to place the offender in long term treatment and continue him on DC supervision rather than ask Virginia to retake him. DCA Powell asked Virginia if we were in agreement with DC continuing to supervise the offender while the offender is housed in the program located in VA since he would be in a DC-contracted bed. Virginia agreed this was in the best interest of the offender and public safety and commends the District of Columbia and DCA Powell specifically for recognizing and supporting the needs of the offender. This is an example of the Spirit of the Compact in action.

Submitted by: DCA Julie Lohman / Virginia