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Nominated: Frank Mesarick, Mark Blan, Larry Thomas / Oklahoma - November 8, 2016

The state of Oklahoma started working with this offender in July of 2016. For about 5 months Oklahoma worked with the state of Kansas to find appropriate housing for the offender, due to him being a sex offender and having medical disabilities. After multiple residence plans had to be denied in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma compact office and field officers agreed to work with Kansas to find suitable housing prior to the submission of a formal transfer packet. Once a medical facility was located near family, Oklahoma continued to work out the details with the facility to ensure it was in compliance with local laws and supervision standards to meet the need for public safety. The Transfer Packet was then submitted and approved. Offender released without incident to an area of family and necessary support, allowing a safe environment for the offender and the community of Oklahoma. While the field officers in Oklahoma were fantastic to work with, DCA Frank Mesarick went the extra mile to help coordinate these efforts.

Submitted by: Matthew Billinger / Kansas

Originally posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2016.