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Nominated: Israel Branton / Florida - September 25, 2018

An IL Sex Offender had been placed in Immigration custody on a Deportation Detainer upon release to IL parole. After several months, when Vietnam failed to provide the necessary documents for deportation, ICE was forced to release this offender to supervision. His family picked him up from a Chicago ICE facility and transported him to FL where they lived and could assist him. However, this offender did not have an approved ICOTS transfer. In fact, his siblings all lived in an area that has major sex offender restrictions. They did report with the Offender directly to FL Probation/Parole where they met with Mr. Israel Branton. Despite not having an approved ICOTS transfer, Mr. Branton worked with this family at great length to help them find a suitable placement. IL believes that the offender was trying to be compliant, but suffered from a language and comprehension barrier. IL didn't realize that Mr. Branton was continuing to help, nor did we request that. He just knew it was the right thing to do. Ultimately, a placement was procured in an approvable area and DCA Tim Strickland and FL Probation and Parole were quick to approve Reporting Instructions so the offender could remain in FL while the full transfer was investigated. Without the assistance of Mr. Branton, this offender would likely have had to be extradited back to IL, where he would have been returned to prison due to having no suitable home plan and the whole cycle would have likely perpetuated. Mr. Branton truly exhibited the Spirit of the Compact in a situation where communication was not an easy obstacle to overcome.

Submitted by: Commissioner Dara Matson / Illinois