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Nominated: Jay Lynn / North Carolina - August 22, 2017

Idaho extradited an offender from Florida on a violation that we should not have submitted to our court as the violation happened before the Idaho crime. The extradition took 249 days and the offender lost her housing and her vehicle during the extradition process. Idaho reached out to North Carolina DCA Jay Lynn and Commissioner Timothy Moose, requesting if North Carolina would allow an offender whose mother moved to North Carolina two weeks prior be given reporting instructions before the transfer request was submitted. North Carolina was gracious and gave reporting instructions for this offender. The offender also had Florida and GA crimes which needed to be submitted to North Carolina. In the Spirit of the Compact, Idaho and Florida were allowed to transfer their cases and the Georgia case was closed. Idaho appreciates North Carolina's willingness to allow the Idaho, Florida and Georgia offender to relocate without meeting criteria for transfer at that immediate time. This put the offender close to family support and in a place that she may be successful on supervision.

Submitted by: DCA Judy Mesick / Idaho