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Nominated: Jennifer Fountain / Wyoming and Daniel Montoya / New Mexico - March 14, 2018

On March 13, 2018, NM PPO Daniel Montoya reached out to the NM Interstate office to get information on a Parolee from Wyoming that was under supervision for a Sex Offense committed in 1984, this offender also had a Sex offense case in New Mexico as well. PO Montoya provide the ISC office with the information as he was made aware by the offender he still owed supervision time in Wyoming after being extradited back to NM on his NM case. Upon the provided information from PPO Montoya, CA Cohen submitted a request to Wyoming ISC office, in less than 8 hours CA Cohen received an email from Jennifer Fountain who completed the Reporting Instructions and Transfer request for his Wyoming Parole case. CA Cohen submitted the transfer request to PPO Daniel Montoya who reviewed and investigated the provided information and approved the case within a couple of hours to ensure that this offender was properly supervised on both States cases. Both Daniel and Jennifer went the extra mile to ensure public safety and continue the Mission of the Compact. Thank you Daniel and Jennifer for your service.

Submitted by: Commissioner Roberta Cohen / New Mexico