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Nominated: Kimberly Gallegos / California - February 2, 2016

A South Carolina Field Agent in Charge contacted the SC Interstate Compact Office to report that a local sheriff’s deputy had completed an incident report from a woman and her children who have a No-Contact order against the ex-husband who lives in California. The woman saw the offender in South Carolina and he was also taking pictures of her and the children. She was fearful for her safety and the safety of the children, therefore, she called police. The deputy who answered the call secured the perpetrator’s name and date of birth and provided that information to the Agent in Charge who then contacted the SC Interstate Compact Office.

The SC Interstate Compact Office found a matching profile in ICOTS and noted he has an active probation case in ICOTS that transferred from Texas to California. Our SC Interstate Compact Office called the CA Interstate Compact Office with our concerns for the safety of the woman and her children in South Carolina.

Parole Officer Kimberly Gallegos answered the phone in the CA Interstate Compact Office. She listened to our concerns and went out of her way to contact the local California probation office. South Carolina inquired if the offender had permission to be in South Carolina. PO Gallegos confirmed with the field probation office that the offender had permission and a travel permit to be in South Carolina. PO Gallegos provided South Carolina with the current officer’s contact information. South Carolina will forward the sheriff’s deputy’s incident report and no-contact order to the current California probation officer who will determine if this incident would be considered a California law violation and file a report to Texas as to what transpired in South Carolina. The offender may also be charged with a new crime in South Carolina as determined by the sheriff’s office.

Teamwork between compact offices is essential in situations such as this. South Carolina extends our gratitude to PO Gallegos for all of her assistance and she is to be commended for her willingness to ensure public safety.

Submitted by: Victoria Jakes / South Carolina

Originally posted on Wednesday, February 03, 2016.