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Nominated: Krista Greenwood / Michigan - October 19, 2016

Officer Krista Greenwood displayed the Spirit of the Compact by immediately responding to a request for emergency reporting instructions for an offender who is both a Michigan parolee and a Kentucky parolee. Michigan provided Kentucky with placement information prior to offender’s release from Michigan DOC; kept Kentucky informed in reference to his release date and placement approval prior to Kentucky even submitting a transfer request. Officer Greenwood assisted with obtaining a signature on the Offender Application for Compact Services before Kentucky even had a chance to ask for assistance. Officer Greenwood logged into the system, printed out our form, and sent it back to us by way of a Compact Action Request. Because of Officer Greenwood’s efforts this transfer request was both effortless and timely. Thank you kindly officer Greenwood.

Submitted by: Angela Tolley / Kentucky

Originally posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.