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Nominated: Kristin Farrell-Logsdon / Ohio - December 20, 2016

Washington had a case where a registrable individual was released from prison in another state and by the time it came to our attention, the offender had released to his father’s residence. Ohio/Kristin allowed the individual to remain in OH while WA worked with him to develop a viable home plan. There was a lot of back and forth and Kristin enlisted the aid of Suzanne Brooks who was also instrumental in helping WA approve this individual’s home plan. There was a real team effort by the WA PO, Kyle Helm, and OH’s Interstate staff. All parties involved simply wanted to do the right thing which was to allow the individual a fair chance at completing his term of supervision in a place where he would most likely be able to experience success. Thank you Kristin and Suzanne.

Submitted by: Tanja Gilmore / Washington

Originally posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.