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Nominated: Paul Fuentes / Texas - June 22, 2018

Paul Fuentes is a dedicated TXICO employee, his hard work and dedication along with his daily patience with families who are trying to navigate the ICAOS process is priceless. Below is a letter from a distraught family member who found solace in her daily communication with Paul.

Dear Ms. Balandran:

I have been trying to get my son transferred to Texas, from an Oklahoma jail, to live with us when he gets out. It has been quite an ordeal. He ended up being denied as we live too close to the swimming pool and park by a few feet.

I just want to commend, Paul Fuentes, in your office for my many calls (almost everyday for while) to get the paperwork processed by his case manager. It kept being denied. Paul is an excellent asset to your office by his courteous, caring customer service. Paul just let me bellow on and on with my frustration of what or how things were going, and he gave me ideas and information of who to contact. I told him that his mom would certainly be proud of him.

I certainly do appreciate everything your office did to assist me. I told Paul I intended to send him a thank you card and also send a letter for his file as he definitely deserves it. Also, I just wanted you to know how special he is to an ole mom like me that is having a hard time. I just hope that Paul will get some kind of an award, plaque or most of all a reward in his pay for all his dedication and hard work for you and your office. Thank you for letting me make you aware of how special he is to your office.

Ruth D.

Submitted by: Offender’s Mother / Texas