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Nominated: Richard Kinner / Tennessee - January 27, 2016

This is a complex case of an offender who was 14 when she was convicted. Her mother was her co-defendant and is incarcerated within the Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC). The offender has been with the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) since being arrested and when she turns 18 she will be released to extended family in Tennessee.

The Tennessee PO who accepted her case, Richard Kinner, graciously agreed to participate in a conference call with Virginia’s DOC and DJJ, the offender, and her Counselor to plan for her release.

During the call, PO Kinner spoke encouraging words to the offender, went over her Tennessee special conditions, and tried very hard to help her understand what is expected and that he is there to help her too.

I was really impressed with PO Kinner and his actions when he didn’t even have to join the conference call at all. We really appreciated his efforts.

Submitted by: Chief P&P Officer Jennifer Lester / Virginia