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Nominated: Roberta Cohen / New Mexico - December 20, 2018

Commissioner Cohen went above and beyond the call of duty when she provided prompt assistance to Arizona regarding a non-compact absconder who was apprehended in a small town in New Mexico and who was inadvertently released on Arizona's warrant. When Arizona asked Commissioner Cohen for assistance with a high risk, dangerous probationer who was not a compact offender, Commissioner Cohen did not hesitate to offer assistance in regard to alerting local law enforcement about this probationer. She even offered to educate her small court on nationwide warrants/waivers of extradition for non-compact cases. Commissioner Cohen has raised the standard of one of the main purposes of the Compact, Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century, to a new level by providing assistance in a non-compact related matter. Arizona sincerely appreciates it.

Submitted by: Commissioner Dori Littler / Arizona