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Sarah Ball and Doug Clark / South Dakota and Rick Kuttenkuler / Missouri - August 29, 2019

Recently, the Nebraska Parole Compact Office became aware of a situation involving a Compact client for whom Parole was supervising for Missouri. The client was in custody in a county jail on a parole hold on new felony drug charges. It was learned the Judge allowed the offender to be released to go to a treatment facility. (For the record, it has been learned the Judge was not aware of the parole hold when this decision was made.) The Parole Officer supervising the client was not aware this had occurred so upon learning of it checked into the matter and was informed the client was in a treatment facility on a Reservation in South Dakota. The Nebraska Parole Compact Office reached out to South Dakota Commissioner Doug Clark who very graciously responded they would be willing to assist in any way they could, that they do allow offenders to parole to Reservations and would be able to provide supervision of the client. The Parole Compact Office then reached out to Missouri DCA Rick Kuttenkuler to inform him of the situation and he too was very gracious about the matter and immediately submitted an expedited Request for Reporting Instructions to South Dakota which DCA Parole Sarah Ball approved and supervision was assumed. Since that time, the Transfer Request submitted by Missouri was approved by DCA Parole Ball and all states are now awaiting the client’s completion of treatment in order for the necessary processes to occur for Nebraska to resume supervision until resolution of the drug charges. This matter has resulted in extra work for all states involved to address the situation and Commissioner Clark and DCA’s Kuttenkuler and Ball are deserving of recognition for exercising the Spirit of the Compact. They have gone above and beyond to help ensure public safety.

Submitted by: DCA Parole Sally Reinhardt-Stewart / Nebraska