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Nominated: Steve Turner / Kentucky - June 19, 2018

Steve has always operated as a team player, not only for KY but for all member states, especially Indiana. He did not fall short when faced with one of Indiana's difficult sex offender transfer cases. Indiana submitted a RFRI's for a resident sex offender living in the receiving state when sentenced. Although the compact affords sex offenders the opportunity to travel daily to work, this offender could not exercise the privilege due to the commute totaling 7 hrs round trip. The offender not only had to miss work but his entire family was lodged with him. The family became destitute and struggled to stay in a hotel after their funding ran out. Steve considered these factors and expedited the response to not one but 4 different requests after each address failed sex offender requirements. Not only did Steve expedite Indiana's request, he performed the first investigation within 1 hr of notice, going above and beyond to send field agents to the address to investigate. Steve and his field team managed to investigate 4 RFRI's all within the time frame allotted for completion of 1 request. Each time an address failed, the compact clock started over; nonetheless, Steve did not allow this extra time to deter his efforts of bringing a resolution within the first 5 days. Steve exemplified the true meaning of the "spirit of the compact", safely bringing home an offender whose case fell in the "gray" areas of the compact. We recognize and appreciate Steve's consistent camaraderie and we nominate him for a STELLAR job done.

Submitted by: Compact Office Staff Nita Wright / Indiana