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Nominated: Tanja Gilmore / Washington and Stephanie Vincenti / New Mexico - January 9, 2019

On January 7, 2019,  Washington DCA Tanja Gilmore was concerned of returned RI’s for a compact offender transferred to New Mexico from Washington. During that call, DCA Gilmore was able to supply supportive information from the offender’s father as well as the Washington PO to assist Commissioner Cohen to reach out to Region Manager Stephanie Vincenti of Las Cruces, NM to review the case and make further contact with the father and determine that the plan of supervision provided by the offender’s father was supportive and could continue to assist the offender on his rehabilitation. The communication by DCA Gilmore and Regional Manager Vincenti was key to determine that returning the offender to Washington was not in the best interest of the offender or public safety and to continue with the Mission and Spirit of the Compact to provide continued assistance for this offender and make this a teachable moment for both states to better the officers who work compact cases.

Submitted by: Commissioner Roberta Cohen / New Mexico