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Nominated: Tim Strickland / Florida - August 31, 2016

The District of Columbia’s Deputy Compact Administrator, Elizabeth Powell, was contacted by D.C. Superior Court Judge to help secure a transfer for a client who needed to reside in Florida were he had a great support system. The attorney was also a family friend who was able to provide immediate transportation from D.C. to Florida. Mr. Strickland assisted the D.C. Interstate Compact Office with a proposed Discretionary Transfer of a sex offender client who suffered from severe mental health issues. Mr. Strickland assisted with the expediting of the reporting instructions and coordinating a point of contact in their Florida field office for follow-ups.

The transfer request justified the client had family support and the client was scheduled to enter a treatment program that housed, supported, and treated residents with mental health issues. We were able to obtain an expedited date and time for reporting instructions through Mr. Strickland’s assistance, and the client was met and orientated by the Florida Supervision office upon his arrival to their state. The Florida Office also kept the client’s family abreast of expectations of the client and the ramifications if client failed to comply.

The client traveled to Florida and began receiving some services however, the client failed to comply with his supervision conditions, and later the transfer was denied. The Florida Supervision office attempted to work with and motivate the client to comply. Thereafter, when the client resisted his transfer was soon denied. Florida then processed his return to D.C. without incident.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Powell / District of Columbia

Originally posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.